Macarthur Wind Farm – Powering the Future

Coffee Table Book and DVD Digi-Case

Client | Vestas/Leighton Contractors Consortium


To showcase the iconic Macarthur Wind Farm (MWF) project – the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere.

The publication provides an overview of the project’s lifecycle from planning through to practical completion and commissioning, and takes the reader on the journey of such a massive undertaking.
For use as a vehicle to celebrate the achievements of all those involved in its construction, and to educate readers in what is required to build a project of this magnitude, the audience will be varied: local Macarthur community, schools and educational facilities, government bodies, prospective clients and technology partners.

To complement the book, a standard DVD and Blu-Ray were produced by New Era Media to show the project’s evolution through time lapse video. The DVD’s were included within the actual book and produced as a stand-alone product available online. The 6-panel digi-case features artwork designed by Bare Design to reflect the same look and feel of the book and create a cohesive suite of materials.

Visual Concept

The MWF project covers a total of 5,500 hectares of green pastureland in Victoria and the A3 landscape layout of the book reflects this wide expanse and enables best use of the panoramic imagery.

The book has been broken down into 13 chapters each covering the various stages of the project in a works programme-related sequence. The chapters have minimal text by way of introduction to each stage of the works with the rest of the story told through the amazing images taken throughout the lifespan of the project.

The staggered chapters are representative of each stage of the works moving forward through to the next until final completion of the project. They provide a practical navigation tool for the reader and allow ease of use for the large publication.

The chosen colour palette takes the reader through the construction process from a light pale green – greenfield site, planning and early works; through to darker hues – delivery of turbine technology; and peaking in the middle at black – industrial and mechanical works of tower and turbine installation. This order is reversed through the latter chapters signifying a return to the original green lands of the Victorian countryside.